Assessment Of Brand Equity On Customer Relationship Management: A Study Of Selected Telecom Operators In Keffi, Nasarawa State

Authors: Ruth Joseph; Gbande C.P.A Ph.D
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Brand equity is thus the strength of a brand in consumer’s mind, experience, and knowledge. It is an additional value to a product in thought words, and actions of the consumers. Managing brand equity is important for telecom operators, since telecom operators with strong brand equity will be easier in determining marketing strategies, so it able to get the potential customers and retain the existing customers. Despite the fact that lots of global and local brands of different products have been used to measure brand equity, survey on brand equity in the service industry have not been fully explored. This is attributed to the fact that globalized world is changing very fast, and as business conditions continually change, mid-market enterprises are forced to constantly realign their business strategy to maintain their customer and growth. The study thus examined the effect of brand equity on customer relationship managementusing customers of telecom operators as a study. The study adopted descriptive survey research design, while regression method of analysis was used in carrying out the empirical analysis. Findings from the study revealed that brand awareness has a significant effect on customer trust. In addition, brand image was seen to also have influence on consumer’s commitment on a brand. And finally, the study revealed that perceived quality has a significant impact on customer loyalty. The study thus recommends thatthere should be a continuous effort by telecom operators to enhance customers based-brand equity. They should bear in mind that old familiar brand dies, as a result of poor management of brand, overextension and lack of investment in developing brand equity and values.