Effects Of Training On Academic Staff Performance: A Study Of Federal Polytechnic Nasarawa

Authors: OGBU, James Ogbu; OJO, Grace Remilekun; OZAH, Jonathan Peter
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Due to fast pace of global and technological development, higher institutions are now facing challenges. Technological advancements have molded the need of capabilities and competencies required to perform tasks in a higher institution. Thus, to cope with these challenges, more improved and effective training programs are required by all organizations/institutions. The study thus examines the effects of training on academic staffs’ performance in Federal Polytechnic, Nasarawa. Ordinary Least Squares(OLS) regression and ANOVA methods of analysis were employed to analyzing the data generated through questionnaire from the sample size of 220 academic staffs of the polytechnic on the effects of training on academic staffs’ performance. Findings from the study revealed that staff training has a significant impact on academic staffs’ productivity. It was also found that staff training has hugely enhanced academic staffs’ timeliness in service delivery; and finally, staff training has a significant effect on academic staffs’ work quality. The study thus recommends that there is the need to maintain the academic staff training programs in order to achieve the best performance from their employees that will make the attainment of the overall organization’s objectives possible. Re-training of already trained staff should be periodically organized so as to spring up the desire employees’ performance that will inspire better organization’s performance and productivity.