Role Of Forensic Accounting In Fraud Detection And Prevention: In The Health Maintenance Organisations (Hmos).

Authors: Idogho Abraham Momoh; Orbunde Bemshima Benjamin Ph.D.
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The demand for forensic accounting service has been on the forefront as a result of increasing fraudulent practices in businesses around the world in recent time and call for attention in all businesses both private and public sectors. Due to this, the study examined the role of forensic accounting in fraud detection and prevention in the business of Health Maintenance of Organizations. The study adopted a descriptive survey design. Convenient sampling method was adopted and primary sources of data were used through a well-structured questionnaire distributed to 88 respondents in 8 HMOs located in Abuja Metropolis in which 80 respondents submitted. The data collected were analyzed using spearman rank correlation method. The result revealed that there is a significant and positive relationship between forensic accounting and fraud detection and prevention. We recommended that HMOs in Nigeria should also develop an interest to encourage forensic accounting specialization and awareness on the effect of fraud as this could allow strong monitoring of any fraudulent activities in their organisations.