Applicability Of Environmental Management Accounting Practices In Nigerian Universities: A Literature Review

Authors: Jacob O. Ame (FCA, PhD); Iheonkhan, Samuel lyere (PhD)
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Stakeholders are paying attention to how well entities respond to and communicate with environmental issues. While industrial sector companies are making efforts to implement Environmental Management Accounting (EMA), very few people know how service organizations in Nigeria, especially universities, are welcoming the introduction of EMA in their operations. Huh. The purpose of this exploratory study is to identify the factors that universities need to meet to use the EMA and report on the environmental information generated from their activities. Second, identifying potential challenges and providing solutions to overcome them. The basic question of the study is: Can EMA be used in Nigerian universities? If yes, how does it work? Due to less literature research from universities in other fields that monitor EMA and due to researcher experience, Nigerian universities have the potential to leverage EMA. However, challenges include raising awareness, knowing the benefits of EMA, gaining acceptance from top management, and resisting changes and changes to the accounting system. This study recommends adding NUC environmental accounting courses to the curriculum of all universities, highlighting the benefits of EMA, and raising awareness by organizing workshops for top management staff and all other university employees. Thirdly, a change in accounting system or getting an accounting package such as SAGE 50/100 that can clearly identify and classify the environmental costs and attach them to responsibility centers be integrated in the current accounting system of the universities.