Consumer Brand Relationship: A Customer Satisfaction Study In The Uk Ethnic Market

Authors: DIENEBA, Mariam Diop; SAMUEL, Ekpemi; OLAYEMI, David Olugbo
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This article examines customer satisfaction with L'Oreal's Mizani product. This article also examines consumer buying behavior for ethnic products, especially considering the fact that ethnic products are becoming more marketable and innovative. By triangulating primary and secondary data and using Ajzen (1991) projected behavioral theory to develop a conceptual framework, the paper explores factors related to satisfaction and customer relationships with brands. The study examined how consumers perceive the racial market and the relationship between women and the image. The result showed that consumers are satisfied with the quality of the product and not brand loyalty. Furthermore, reference groups, such as family and friends, influence consumer buying behavior. However, consumers purchasing behaviour is influenced by reference groups such as family and friends. However, the findings also showed that factors such as age and culture are not decisive in the buying decision.