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Bingham International Journal of Accounting and Finance . All contributors of articles, book reviews and research notes etc. intend for consideration for publication should be in English and should be submitted in soft copies.

It has been observed that electronic commerce (e-commerce) offers buyers and sellers a new form of communication and provides an opportunity to create new marketplaces (Mahliza, 2019). Taking advantage of new methods to improve business processes can be a key factor for the success of companies. Faced with the challenges of economic globalization and competitiveness, electronic commerce can offer many benefits to firms, such as; reduction of costs (information exchange, transaction and marketing costs), access to geographically dispersed markets, reduction of delivery times, closer relationship with the customer through more personalized marketing, ability to compete in more dimensions than price, and many more. Therefore, e-commerce decisions are more often treated not as a competitive advantage, but a necessity, which helps to avoid the lagging behind competitors (Barsauskas, et al, 2008).


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